The Product Development Process

The product development process has been an iterative process over time prior to me coming on board here at American National. We’ve made tweaks along the way, and tried to keep the categories and the terminology fairly consistent.

There are four main categories of the product development process in terms of phases that we look at: the idea phase, the design phase, the implementation phase and the evolve phase. Each of these phases have unique sub-phases associated with them. The idea around this whole product development process is to organize and prioritize manpower to create the product in a manner where we’re not experiencing delays, oversights or errors associated with those development efforts.

At any one point in time, we’re moving on three to five different projects, from idea all the way into evolve. The phases do overlap and there are some efficiencies that are in place. This is not just a relay race where people are doing their part and they’re handing it off to the next individual. There is continuous motion. We try different things and if it doesn’t work, we go back and try something that will work. We really are trying to make this more of a fluid product development process in a manner where we can be as agile as we can to adapt and make products available in the market so they are both profitable and marketable.